Cointech2u Trading Rules

It is recommended to follow the standard guidelines from the official Cointech2u bot settings. If you experience liquidation while using the official settings, there is special insurance in the form of a point card worth 30% that can be used for trading again. There are other requirements to obtain insurance, as follows:

  1. Users start with a minimum capital of 1000 USDT.
  2. Users set a 60x stop loss based on the size of the first order, and the size of the first order MUST follow the official settings recommended by the company.
  3. Users have purchased a Point Card.

But if the capital is below 1000 USDT and no Point Card is purchased, only 5% will be compensated.

Other bots do not have these rules. There is no compensation. It is recommended to join our group to not miss important information.

The official settings will be displayed in the annoucement tab on the app, and here is a guide to the announcements:


Open the user menu on the bottom right of the Cointech2u app, then click Announcements.


You can directly see the latest announcements from official Cointech2u. If you are still confused, you can directly contact us via personal/group chat.