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We help you make better investment decisions and optimize your profits through automated futures trading every day.


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Our Features

Self-owned account funds

All traded funds are kept in each exchange account. Therefore, it can be deposited and withdrawn at any time. The robot cannot withdraw money from your account.

Daily Profit

By using hedging strategy (Long & Short), the bot can make a profit every day in bearish or bullish market conditions through the Binance or OKX app.

Free Robot

Free for life without rent or annual/monthly fees. You only share 20% of the profits in the form of robot balance to keep it running 24 hours a day.

20-66% Point Bonus

For every balance purchase via point card, users will get a 20%-66% bonus depending on the amount purchased. This bonus will save you money on your robot balance expenses.

How the Robot Works

The latest AI Futures Robot for Crypto with hedging strategy (Long & Short).

This robot has a 100% probability of profit every day and there is no loss in the Binance PNL.

Atur setting dan mulai botnya

Set up the settings and start the bot

Set up the robot settings according to the standards and rules provided, and if you want to set them outside the standard, that is also allowed. After completing the setup, activate the robot in the coin you have chosen.

Bot mulai eksekusi tradingmu

The bot starts executing your trades

Once the robot is activated, the order will appear in the Binance app on your future tab. The robot will adjust its orders based on the settings that have been set in the first step.

Pantai hasil trading dari robot

Monitor the trading results from the robot

The robot will withdraw profits when it reaches the set long/short target. Trading results can be monitored through the Cointech2u app or directly through your Binance account.

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Audit Manager

I never expected to make more than $1000 in daily profits in the crypto market! As a beginner who didn't understand what technical analysis was, but was able to make good profits from automated trading strategies. This is a tool that everyone must have!


Lisa Anderson


After I learned about CoinTech2u A.I. System, I immediately started an account on Binance with $5000 capital. CoinTech2u A.I. System did all the trades for me automatically and I'm very happy with the results of 25 continuous winning days, gaining a total profit of $1357! That's about 26% ROI in a month!

Lisa Anderson


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Is there a risk of liquidation or loss?

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